The Business

toketaWare is a small software development business based in the UK (just outside York.) When I say small, I mean really small. Currently it's just me Craig Scott.

In addition to the iThoughts mindmap products, toketaWare also builds/maintains makeDoc and makeSlides (iOS apps for converting Markdown, OPML and text into MS Word and PowerPoint files.)

The name

Toketa is a term used in Judo to describe when a person has escaped from being pinned down i.e. they've broken free. Seemed apt somehow - software that sets you free. That's the goal anyhow!

Brief History

iThoughts mindmapping has been around over 8 years and toketaWare ltd has existed for over 4 years.

  • Jun 2008 - Started playing with iPhone development as a hobby (had a 'proper job' at the time!)
  • Oct 2008 - Shipped iThoughts v1 on AppStore (2 months after it first opened)
  • Apr 2010 - Shipped iThoughtsHD v1 (for iPad - before I'd even seen one!)
  • Jun 2010 - Gave up my day job (to work on iThoughts full time.)
  • Jan 2013 - Formed toketaWare ltd (should've done this sooner!)
  • Aug 2013 - Shipped iThoughtsX (for Mac)
  • Jun 2014 - Shipped 'universal' iThoughts (for iOS and retired original iPhone/iPad iThoughts apps)
  • Feb 2017 - Shipped iThoughts (for Windows)
  • ...

To date:

  • 'Original' iThoughts (iPhone/iPad) had over 120 free updates.
  • iThoughts (Mac) has had over 70 free updates.
  • 'New' iThoughts (iOS) has had over 40 free updates.
  • iThoughts (Windows) is nearly a year old now and has already had 25 free updates.


For all enquiries please email me direct and I'll do my best to help.

If you're experiencing an issue, I might have an answer/workaround on the known issues page.

If you'd like to be informed (by email) when significant things happen in toketaWare/iThoughts land then please consider subscribing for email updates.

Registered Office

Laurel Bank
Main Street