UI Improvements - v1.4 released

v1.4 has just gone live. This release has been driven by the amazing feedback I've received over the last few weeks. Mostly user interface improvements as follows: 

  • Single TAB or RETURN to create new topics (triple SPACE/RETURN is now disabled by default) This is more consistent and makes for faster information entry. If you do need to insert a RETURN into the text then you need to press ALT+RETURN. The old iOS triple SPACE/RETURN mode can be reenabled in the Preferences.
  • The keyboard shortcuts for 'Fit Map'  and 'Auto Zoom' have changed from A and Z to F and A respectively. Z will now zoom into the map in increments (SHIFT Z will zoom out.)
  • 'Fit Map'  (F)  now remembers where it was before F was pressed and returns you there - unless you select a new topic in which case it will position you there instead.
  • Drag and hold one topic over another - after 1 second you'll get the option to merge the topics. 
  • Text styling can now be applied to multiple selected topics (font, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, color, alignment etc.) 
  • Previously open documents are reopened when the app is launched. 
  • There is a Preference setting for where to place the notes window on new maps. 
  • Spell/Grammar Checking are now enabled by default on topics and their notes. 
  • Drag/drop files from Finder will now insert a hyperlink rather than embed the document. To embed the document, hold the CMD key down whilst dragging. 
  • Selection moves to the nearest topic after delete. 

Go and hit 'Check for Updates'.


Posted on September 19, 2013 .