Just pushed out an update 2.6 to the Mac version. One of the tweaks in there is for printing. Now when you print a map, you need to indicate the paper size and how you'd like to scale the map. iThoughts will then slice up the map into the minimum number of pages - enabling you to print out the pages and stick 'em together to make one large map. See below for the options:

It's surprising how many pages it takes to print a map (without scaling it down.) For that reason (to save you printer ink) it will indicate how many pages the map will take up.

The option 'Include Overlap Margin' will add a small margin (and feint guide lines) to the edge of the pages so that you can overlap the paper to make it easier to join together.

Below you can see a map 'printed to PDF' and viewed on the Mac in Preview - which shows the various pages and how they can be pieced together,

NB: Notes in the map can be printed in an appendix - and notes can now also span multiple pages.


The MacAppStore version with this feature is still pending Apple review. This feature will also be in the next iOS version.

Posted on October 24, 2014 .