Using LaunchCenterPro shortcut to add tasks to a map.

LaunchCenterPro is a an iOS 'app launcher'. It presents a grid of large, easy to hit, buttons that when pressed will launch other apps - kind of like the home screen on your iPad.

What makes it different, however, is that you can pass information and instructions to those apps. This means means that you could launch iThoughts and 'instruct' it to perform certain tasks such as opening a map or creating a topic.

One great use for this is to create a LaunchCenterPro shortcut that will launch iThoughts, open a  predefined 'tasks' map, navigate to an existing topic and then insert a new topic.

Single tap task creation...


Below you can see the 'Action' settings in LaunchCenterPro.

The action above will:

  • Launch iThoughts
  • Open the '/tasks' map
  • Locate the topic named 'newtasks'
  • Create a new child topic
  • Start editing the new child topic.

...all with a single tap - cool huh!


Below is an example of how iThoughts might look once the above has been executed:

This whole process makes use of a technique called x-callback-url - see here for more details.


Posted on October 8, 2014 .