v2.11 released on Mac AppStore

I'm pleased to announce that v2.11 is now live on the Mac AppStore. This is a collection of small tweaks that I've been meaning to implement for a while now:

  • Calendar/Reminder integration - see here (also see here for a video of it in action.)
  • Cut the current selection into a new map. This will take the selected branch, and move it into a new map. A link to that new map will be added to the original and a link back to the original will be added to the new map. This is a great way to break up larger maps into more manageable sub-maps.
  • The 'focus on selected' option will be remembered when re-opening a map.
  • The current selection will be restored when re-opening a map.
  • Topic color inheritance is now optional in the Style settings. This enables you to change the color of a single topic without it changing the color of the whole branch.
  • There is a new 'Preview' button on the export window enabling you to see how the map will be exported without actually exporting it.
  • Existing custom styles can now be overwritten.
  • The time is displayed in the 'task badge' attached to a topic.
  • Option to 'Strike Through' the text on completed tasks (progress = 100%)
  • Relationships can now be dragged at any point along their line - so they can't get hidden behind other topics now.
  • Markdown preview for visible topics only OR all topics (in Preferences.) See Marked integration
  • Yosemite styling - see below for a before and after on the toolbar.

Posted on December 2, 2014 .