v2.6 (iOS) now live

I'm pleased to announce that v2.6 (of the iOS app) is now live on the AppStore.

This is a 'to do list' release where I've gone through my (long) list of 'do it one day' features and implemented some of them - as follows:



  • Cut branch to new map. This will move a branch into a new map and setup bi-directional links between the two. Great for splitting up large maps.
  • Copy branch to a new map. Similar to the above - but a copy of the branch is placed in a new map. Great for 'template maps'.
  • Calendar/Reminder integration. Send topics over into the calendar or reminder system on iOS. Even email calendar/reminders to colleagues (and import them into Outlook etc.) See here for more info.



  • Tick/check gesture to mark topics as complete (100% progress.) Grab the topic and drag it as though you were writing a 3" high tick mark. See it in action at http://youtu.be/6fNOIQt8JGw
  • Option (in System Settings) to 'strike through' the text of completed tasks.
  • New, Insert Link option in Research.
  • Auto capitalisation options (in System Settings)
  • Relationships can be dragged into a new curve from any point along the line (should avoid the issue where topics could cover up the central point of the curve)
  • Start/Due Time is now displayed in the task badge below the topic.
  • 'Focus on Selected' is now restored when re-opening a map.
  • Last selected topic is now restored when re-opening a map.
  • Topic color inheritance is now optional (in the Style settings)



  • Copy/paste text from Mail into a topic now works properly (no strange formatting)
  • Date picker issue



  • Much reduced 'flicker' when zooming.
  • Massive (over 60%) reduction in memory required to display a map - which means larger maps :-) Can't believe I never thought of doing this before!!


As ever, any questions, suggestions or issues - just let me know.

PS: If you can spare a minute, it would be a great help if you could leave a review on the AppStore - just click/tap here.



Posted on December 29, 2014 .