iThoughtsX 1.18 released

I'm pleased to announce that iThoughts v1.18 is now available to download from this site. The AppStore version will be available to download in a week or so.

So what's new?

  • Keyboard shortcuts have been 'tweaked' in a fairly fundamental way to bring them more into line with the 'standard' OSX approach (more on that below.) Apologies now for all that wasted muscle memory...
  • Research (CMD R) will open Google with the currently selected text.
  • Many more desktop formats supported for export:
    • iMindmap (.imx)
    • Novamind5 (.nm5)
    • XMind (.xmind)
    • ConceptDraw (.cdmz)
    • MindView (.mvd and .mvdx)
  • More desktop formats supported for import:
    • Simtech Mindmapper (.twdx)
    • MindView for Windows (.mvdx) 
  • Website export (see here)
  • Export task HTML reports (by resource or project)
  • Harvard numbering style (I. 1. A. ...)
  • Improved keyboard support:
    • CMD <arrow key> will now switch sides for branches
    • Arrow key navigation more logical (starts at first child in list - not nearest)
    • F2 to edit text - just like Windows :-)
    • SHIFT click will select multiple adjacent topics
    • CTRL CMD F to toggle full screen mode
  • Text attributes are copied when creating siblings (but not children)
  • Pus the usual bunch of performance improvements.



So, those fundamental keyboard changes?

  • RETURN will END edit (previously it would immediately create a new child)
  • ESC will ABORT edit and return the text to its original pre-edit state (previously it would end editing and leave the text.) If you hit ESC by accident and lose your changes then undo will recover it.
  • CMD RETURN whilst editing will create a new sibling - splitting the text as necessary.

It doesn't stop there...the modifier keys used when clicking have changed:

  • ALT drag will now COPY (previously it was CMD drag)

Finally...selecting topics has also changed:

  • CMD click will toggle the selection state of an individual topic (previously it was SHIFT click)
  • SHIFT click will select multiple adjacent topics.


Apologies again - but longer term I'm hoping it should make the app easier to use.

As always, any questions, suggestions or issues then just let me know.





Posted on March 24, 2014 .