iThoughtsX v1.22 released

I'm pleased to announce the availability of iThoughtsX v1.22

Changes as follows:

  • SHIFT+F to toggle between Zoom to Fit Selection and Zoom to Fit Map. Great for presentations.
  • Automatically reload map changes (perhaps due to the map being updated by Dropbox.)
  • Fixed a slight 'flicker' when editing the text of a topic.
  • Fixed a slight 'chopping' of character 'descenders' (e.g. the lower part of a g)


Perhaps the most interesting change above is the 'auto-reload' of map changes. This means that you can safely leave a map open on your desktop and when it gets modified (on your iPad or iPhone) and re-synced back to your Mac then the changes are automatically reloaded. No need to close and reopen the map.

In the unlikely event that you've made changes to the map which haven't been saved yet then iThoughtsX will save a 'version' of the map before reloading it (and overwriting the changes.) This way you can use the 'Revert to' feature in iThoughtsX to recover those changes.


Now back to the iOS version - not long now...

Posted on May 9, 2014 .