iThoughts (iOS) 1.8 live on the AppStore

Just released v1.8 as below:


  • New Parent (SHIFT+TAB or press/hold 'New Child' toolbar button) works for multiple selected (sibling) topics.
  • Duplicate map (press/hold a map name in the map picker) will now open the duplicated map immediately.


  • Certain maps would 'hang' when sent to iThoughts using the 'Open in' option in Mail or Dropbox etc.
  • Superfluous whitespace added to Novamind5 exports.
  • MindNode imports would not always layout properly.
  • Launching the app (Launch Center Pro etc.) would spit out an error for the thoughts: URL
  • Copy/Paste branches in certain layouts (top down especially) would reorder the topics randomly.
  • 'Standard' map colors are now included in the Map Colors section of the colour picker.


Now back to working on a significant new feature which I hope to preview in a week or so...


As always, if you like iThoughts, please help support future updates with a review on the AppStore - if you have an issue then contact me direct and I'll do my best to help.

Posted on June 29, 2014 .