Development update (styles1)

Just a quick note to let everyone know what's coming next. I'm currently working hard to bring 'styles' to both the iOS and OSX versions of iThoughts. By 'styles' I mean the ability to preconfigure how a map will look (colours, shapes, layouts, link styles etc.)

There is much more to this than you'd think (at least more than I predicted!) so I plan to release a series of posts previewing the capabilities.

First up is a new 'map style' mode called 'Wireframe Color + Text'. This is a simple addition to the current styles whereby the text colour will mirror the topic colour (rather than default to black or white.) Works really well for the 'Solarized' colours - see below for two versions of the same map (only difference is the background canvas colour.)


Click to enlarge.


Posted on June 30, 2014 .