Version 2 (iOS and OSX) are now live

I'm delighted to announce that v2 of iThoughtsX (Mac) and iThoughts (iOS) are now both available for download. The headline feature is 'Styles'.

Styles enable you to pre configure how a map will look. You can, for example, specify that a map will have a 'Real Paper' background canvas and all level1 topics will be red ovals with 24point Courier text. Styles can be retrospectively applied to maps and you can build your own styles - even share them with colleagues.

For more information, see here

NB: Ideally you will upgrade iOS and OSX versions simultaneously since Styles are not supported in previous versions and may get 'stripped out' if the ITMZ file is opened/saved using an older version of the app.



In addition to Styles, the following features/fixes have also been developed:

  • 5 new canvas patterns
    • Natural Paper
    • Black Paper
    • Rice Paper
    • Green Card
    • White Bricks
  • 2 new topic shapes (see here)
    • Square bracket
    • Curved bracket
  • New 'grid layout' feature which will 'line up' topics at the same level in Horizontal and Vertical layouts (great for org chart type diagrams.) See here.
  • New 'Wireframe+Colour+Text' option which will result in topics being drawn in 'outline' with the text being the same colour as the topic (great when used with Solarized colours.) See here.


  • iOS Specific:
    • x-callback-url support - you can now 'drive' iThoughts from other apps (e.g. Editorial, Drafts, Launch Center Pro.) See here.
    • New 'trash can' button (to delete topics)
  • Mac Specific:
    • New colour picker (same as iOS)
    • Icon favourites.
    • New way to drag/select topics using marquee
    • Resize indicator when drag resizing topics.
    • New 'Yosemite Style' icon - see here.



There are also a whole bunch of fixes and performance improvements:

  • integration (via WebDAV) now more reliable.
  • Dropbox issue with multiple accounts fixed.
  • Dropbox now uses OAuth2 which plays more nicely with corporate SSO.
  • Markdown import improved
  • Drag/drop topics will be placed on end of list (not in middle)
  • Blurriness issues resolved.
Posted on September 27, 2014 .