Linked Maps

Quick preview of an update I'm working on.

Single click export of multiple linked maps. 

By way of example, I've taken the "iOS Tips" map and split it into multiple sub maps - all linked together (using the Cut -> To New Map feature.) 

Below you can see the folder containing all the sub maps.

I then used the (updated) export as website feature to kick out a website for the main tips map. Previously this would only export that one map - but in the updated version, it will open any and all linked maps and include them in the exported website also.


Click/Tap me to see the exported website. that's 13 separate (but linked) mindmaps all exported in a single operation to create a website of linked maps.


...obvious next step is to do the same for PDF...


Click/Tap me to see the exported PDF




Posted on October 1, 2015 .