CMAP import support

The next update includes much improved support for 'concept maps' (many to many connections rather than the usual one to many hierarchy of a mind map.)

As part of this effort, the next version will import CMAP concept maps (see once they've been exported in .cxl format. See below for the CMAP help map in the CMAP tool (left) and how it looks after importing into iThoughts (right.)

It's not a perfect translation since some of the concepts are different (pun intended) but it does get most of the data and structure translated.

If anyone has any CMAP maps that they'd like to send over, then I'd appreciate some 'real world' data to test with. I can then show you how it would/will look in iThoughts (just export as .cxl format and email it over.)


Posted on January 22, 2016 .