iThoughtsX is coming to SETAPP

iThoughtsX is coming to the new SETAPP AppStore (in addition to the Mac AppStore and Direct from this website.)

SETAPP is a new AppStore (for Mac apps) created by the guys over at MacPaw (the ones who built CleanMyMac and a whole bunch of other utilities.)

What makes SETAPP different is that it's like a kind of Netflix for apps. For a fixed (low) monthly fee you get to use any and all the apps in the Setapp AppStore. That's hundreds (thousands?) of dollars worth of apps - for a few dollars each month.

Disclaimer: I hate paying subscriptions for access to stuff (especially digital stuff that is just files on disk  - like music, films and apps.) 

That said, I have Netflix (subscription pricing for TV box sets) so my position is inconsistent already. What attracts me to Netflix (and SETAPP) is the 'deal'. No way would I buy all those TV box sets outright - but I would like to see them if the price were right. Same deal with SETAPP - for a low monthly fee you're getting:

  • Access to dozens of hand picked 'premium' Mac Apps.
  • The latest and greatest version of all apps (no more paid upgrades, in-app purchases or adverts.)


What's in it for me as a developer? The deal is that I get a slice of the subscription fee based on how much people actually use my app. The better my app is, the more people'll use it and the more money I'll make. It's a virtuous circle.

New apps are being added all the time - but as of December, my SETAPP folder looks as follows:

There are a lot of quality (and valuable!) apps in there - and I can use all of them.

If you'd like to take SETAPP for a spin in a private, invite-only beta just let me know and I'll send you a 'code'.




Posted on December 8, 2016 .