v3.9(OSX) and v3.7(iOS) Released

I'm pleased to announce that v3.9 of iThoughtsX (for Mac) and v3.7 of iThoughts (for iOS) are now live on the AppStore. These are significant releases with lots of new features - described below:


Adjustable Link Thickness

Link lines can now be either thin, medium or thick - click on the images below to see the difference.


Summary Relationships

Previously links were only one to many - now we can have many to one. See here for more details.


Additional Relationship Link Styles

In addition to summary relationship (above) there are 2 new styles:

  • Straight Line
  • Angled

See below left for a straight line example and below right for an angled example:

Multiple Layouts in a Single Document

You can now set the map layout and link style independently for each 'root map' within a document. This means (for example) you can have one map that is horizontally laid out and one map that is vertically laid out - in the same document. See below for an example:


Concept Maps

There are a bunch of new relationship features that enable concept mapping:


Process Maps

There are a bunch of new relationship features that enable process maps:


CMAP Import

iThoughts will now import (not export) CMAP concept maps (see http://cmap.ihmc.us) once they've been exported in .cxl format. See below for the CMAP help map in the CMAP tool (left) and how it looks after importing into iThoughts (right.)


Scapple Import

iThoughts will now import (not export) Scapple maps (see https://www.literatureandlatte.com/scapple.php) See below left for a Scapple map and below right for the iThoughts import.

...and there's more

In addition to the headline features above, there are a whole bunch of other tweaks:

  • Zoom level saved in ITMZ file
  • Improved random sort algorithm
  • Top down layout improved (fixed indent)
  • Align center option
  • Long press topic to select related topics
  • Long press relationship to edit
  • Select multiple relationships
  • SHIFT + double tap canvas to create new floater
  • SHIFT + double tap topic to create relationship
  • Drag/drop hyperlinks works the 'old way' (i.e. doesn't create a new topic)
  • KB shortcut for new related topic (CMD+ALT+ARROW)
  • KB shortcut to 'nudge' manually positioned topics (ALT+ARROW)
  • Improved map load time.


As always - any questions, suggestions or issues then please contact me direct 

If you have a minute then a glowing review on the iOS AppStore and/or the Mac AppStore is always welcome - and helps generate the sales that fund future updates. Thanks...


Posted on February 25, 2016 .