New Release (iOS4.6, Mac4.10, Win2.2)

I'm pleased to announce the latest update to iThoughts on all platforms (Windows, iOS and macOS)



One of the new features is 'hugging'. This is a per topic (and Style) setting which dictates whether the topic shape should 'hug' the text or not. This enables you to force all topics to have the same width regardless of the length of the text. See below:

Hugging can be used in conjunction with the 'align levels' setting in Styles to make everything line up (horizontally and vertically) as follows:


The default width for topics (and images) can now be set in the Style settings.


Topic Count Tooltip

Another new feature (on the Mac version) is topic count tooltips. Surprisingly useful! These enable you to quickly count up the number of descendent topics - as below:


The iOS version now integrates with the 'Share' system. You can select text, images or links in other apps and Share them with iThoughts. The shared content will be placed in the Quick Thoughts map (either in the root of the map picker or in the root of iCloud Drive.) It will create this map as necessary.



The iOS app now supports 'Places'. This enables iThoughts to Open (and Save) maps stored in other services. This is an improvement on the previous approach where copies of maps had to be manually downloaded and uploaded. 

NB: Whilst testing I found support for this a little 'sketchy' amongst some of the services. However it seems to work well with and for maps in iCloud folders other than the default iThoughts folder.



Remaining Effort

Where a topic has both effort and progress, the topic will now calculate a 'remaining effort' value. This works on individual topics and on 'rollup' topics. Calculate values can be identified by the [square brackets] surrounding them. See below:



A few of the other tweaks included in this update:

  • iOS Only:
    • Use Dropbox v2 (much faster and more resilient)
    • Full sync more frequently (every 2 minutes)
    • No more 'Checking for Updates' message to distract.
  • All versions
    • CMD/CTRL + Arrow Key will now move topics up/down the hierarchy
    • CMD/CTRL 1-5 will now toggle the Priority
    • Default Effort unit (hours, days etc) is now a setting
    • Applying a progress or effort attribute to a topic will make it's parent have a 'rollup' progress/effort automatically.


As always, any questions, suggestions or issues - just let me know.

...and remember, if you're interested in iThoughts for Windows or Mac, there are discounts available.




Posted on April 7, 2017 .