Flashcards and TextPack

Just pushed out an update to the iOS, OSX and Windows apps with 2 new features. The first is .textpack export support. This is basically a ZIP file containing the map text in Markdown format and any associated images. The format is defined by www.textbundle.org and is becoming a 'standard' way to pass around Markdown type documents. The main use (today) is probably to get your iThoughts map into Ulysses for further processing. See below for an iThoughts map and how it might appear in Ulysses.

Click to enlarge:

iThoughts (Mac)

Ulysses (Mac)

The second feature is Flashcard export. This enables you to collate all your information in a Mindmap then export that into a Flashcard app and from there (hopefully) into your memory :-)

Flashcards are a simple way to learn information. Each card has a question on one side and an answer on the other. You work your way through the cards attempting to answer the questions (flipping the cards over to verify the answer.) There are many different apps/websites that enable you to do this 'digitally'. iThoughts will export in a format that is supported by many (quizlet.com, cram.com etc.)

The following short video demonstrates exporting to Quizlet.com



Posted on May 12, 2017 .