Compressed Layout and Costs

Just a quick note to announce the latest update to the iOS (4.8), macOS (4.12) and Windows (2.6) versions.

Maps now have a new Style option called 'Compressed'. This will trim back the margins at the edge of topics and also the inter topic spacing in order to present more information on the screen. See below for the difference (the largest effect is seen with 'no shape' topics.)


There is a new task attribute called 'Cost'. This is a simple floating point number that can be attached to a topic. The Cost field also supports 'rollup' which means that the sum cost for immediate child topics is calculated automatically (similar to effort.)

The 'units' of cost can be set for the map in the Style settings. Typically this will be a financial symbol ($£€) but could just as easily be 'bananas'!

In addition to the headline features above, there are a bunch of minor tweaks and fixes as below:

  • Spell Check (in Windows version)
  • Triple click text to select all (in Windows version)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts to open/close/edit the notes (in Windows version)
  • CMD/CTRL+B to set Markdown bold (and italic) is now a toggle. Press it once to enable then again to disable.
  • The iOS Clip to iThoughts now places the information on the clipboard in addition to pasting it into the Quick Thoughts map.
  • External KB shortcuts for fast access to the Cost/Effort settings (C or E)


So, next up is integrating some of the new iOS11 technologies - namely Drag/Drop (

Posted on June 19, 2017 .