iOS11, Drag/Drop and Siri

iThoughts for iOS11 is now live. The short video below gives a quick demo of the Siri integration, Drag/Drop and a new way of marking tasks as 'complete'.

There is also a feature called focus lock. Previously the 'Focus on Selected' feature would dim out all topics that weren't selected. With focus lock, you can now keep a bunch of topics 'in focus' regardless of which one is selected. To enable this, select the topics then enable 'Focus on Selected'. To have it work the old way, enable the feature with no topics selected.

There is a new button in the top corner. If you drag/drop a topic onto it then the topic will be marked as 100% complete - great for check lists.

Mindmeister (.mind) and SimpleMind (.smmx) mindmaps can now be imported.

The Doodle feature now supports a 'resize' option to resize selected parts of your doodle (see the +/- button in the toolbar.) Doodle also has better support for Apple Pencil. If it detects an Apple Pencil it will then ignore any attempts to draw with your finger. This removes any accidental drawing when your palm rests on the screen. It also means you can scroll using a single finger.

Finally - this update also works with the forthcoming iPhoneX - even allowing for its 'ears'.


As always, any questions, suggestions or issues just let me know

Posted on September 20, 2017 .