iThoughts is 10 years old today

The original iThoughts went live on the AppStore on October 28th 2008. Ten years ago - back when I had hair! (actually that’s a lie - but it was 10 years ago.)

Some early screenshots below (iPhone 3G running iOS2) - I was ahead of my time with ‘dark mode’ !


The screen was a tiny 320x480 (as opposed to 1242x2688 in the latest iPhone XS Max)

Below is my first attempt at YouTube marketing. The year is 2008 and YouTube itself is only 3 years old. These are the days before we could record the iPhone screen - so I went old skool and used a video camera. Can you tell I have absolutely no training in either marketing or photography?

Oh how I miss having a phone that will fit in my hand and my pocket…

Not proud of my first app icon - but these are the days before I could afford to pay people who can draw - can you tell I have no graphic design training either?


I then made enough money to pay someone to create an icon - but I had too much ‘creative input’ and that resulted in something worse!


Gradually started to get a grip on the icon - well actually a designer took pity on me and contacted me direct ( and the result is below.


In the old days, 3D was all the rage…

Then the iPad happened - boom!

(note how I’m still all in on ‘dark mode’.)

Screen shot 2010-08-30 at 21.48.40.png

Released this before I’d even seen an iPad - just had to hope it worked ok on the real device.

It’s now 2010 and I decided to ‘walk away from a perfectly good job’ (my wifes’ words!) and go full time on iThoughts. What could possibly go wrong?

In 2013 I created a ‘proper limited company’ in order to continue making apps in a more tax efficient way then released the Mac version (see what I did with the icon there?)


Then in 2014 everything went flat - literally (with iOS6)

This meant I had to rewrite the app from scratch and for various reasons released it as a new app - which meant a new purchase (something for which I still get multiple complaints each week - 4 years later.) In my defence I did have a 1 day sale every month for over a year where people could get the new app for $1.

Fast forward to 2017 and I dabbled with the ‘dark side’ and released a version for Windows.


So here we are. In 10 years I’ve released the app on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows. There have been around 300 software updates during that time - most including significant new features. To see a more detailed history just scroll down and click ‘Older Posts’.

A big thanks to everyone who has supported me and the app over the years. Here’s to the next 10 years!

Posted on October 27, 2018 .