Hand Drawn Maps - a Balanced View

There are two features that have been on my list for more years than I care to admit. One is something I thought might look cool - the other is something that people have actually been asking for:

  • Hand Drawn Maps

  • Balanced Maps

So the latest release implements both. The hand drawn map effect has actually turned out better than I’d hoped. All my personal maps now use this effect. See below for a before and after animation. The shapes are literally hand drawn (by me using an Apple Pencil on an iPad) and then ‘coded up’ into the app. I did tweak them with TouchDraw (on iPad) since my handwriting is actually pretty bad.

NB: Above you can also see one of the new system styles (‘Spearmint’)

The balanced map feature is something people have been asking for, for years. There is a new auto layout option (called Balanced) where the app ensures that there are an equal number of topics either side of the main ‘root’ topic. There is also a manual ‘balance’ option that will perform a one time balance on maps that have manual (or partial) auto layout. See below to see it in action.

In addition to the above I’ve also added 5 new canvas options as below:

As always, any questions, suggestions or issues - just let me know.

If you like the app, a review on the AppStore is alway most welcome :-)



Posted on October 29, 2018 .