Notes and Outlines

Just released v5.6 of the iOS app. It is now possible to position the notes window down either side of the screen (in addition to having it placed under the toolbar.)

You can even have it change the position based on Landscape and Portrait orientation. This is administered in the System Settings - see below:

In addition to new notes position, this update supports a long requested feature - outline view. This will provide a more 'information dense' view of the map - as an indented list - see below:

You can expand/collapse branches by tapping on the disclosure button to the left of the text. You can even long press on these to reveal multiple levels of topic.

The outline view will always be positioned on the right or left of the screen - depending upon the setting in the System settings (and also where the notes view is positioned.)

Another option (in the System Settings) is whether to include any topic notes in the outline.

On small screens (eg iPhone or some iPad split views) the outline option will not be available in portrait view (no space!) To see it, you may have to switch into landscape.

As always - any questions, suggestions or issues - just let me know

Posted on April 18, 2018 .