v6 of the iOS app is now live - with Files support

I’m pleased to announce that iThoughts v6 (for iOS) is now fully live. The big change here is that it now uses the Files app to manage access to your mind map files (assuming you have iOS12.) This is the same as used in the iWork apps.

This means that there is no longer any need for ‘syncing’ to be implemented/configured within iThoughts. You simply enable the appropriate cloud provider in the ‘Locations’ section of the file picker side bar and then open the map as you might a map stored locally on the device.

If you want to store your maps on a WebDAV server or Amazon S3 (or a whole bunch of other places) then you can always install FileBrowser which integrates with the Files app and allows you to connect to those services. Indeed, this is one way to integrate with Google Drive (who’s app doesn’t integrate with the Files app properly!!)

Other benefits are:

  • Consistent/modern look and feel

  • Tag maps (but only those stored ‘On Device’ or ‘in iCloud’.)

  • Favourite Folders (but only those stored ‘On Device’ or ‘in iCloud’.)

  • Drag/drop maps into folders.

  • Sort by date, name etc.

  • Search by map name

NB: The downside is that you can no longer ‘sync’ multiple formats (via Dropbox) as you could previously. You can currently disable the Files interface and return to the original way of working (in the System Settings) but this will not always be the case.

Posted on January 30, 2019 .