Obligatory bug fix release

Just pushed out v7.2 to the AppStore. This fixes a number of iOS13 related issues as follows:

  • Screen mirroring is now re-enabled. This is something that didn’t work in the later iOS13 betas and so I pulled the feature. Anyway, it now works in iOS13.1 so I’ve reintroduced the feature. The difference is that you must now pre-select (in the iThoughts System Preferences) whether you want the connected screen to be ‘mirrored’ or ‘presenting’. Mirroring means that everything you see on the iPad is reflected on the screen. Presenting means that you only see the mind map on the screen (no toolbars etc.) The downside with presenting is that any (non-image) attachments will not be presented on the external screen. To switch between modes, disconnect from the screen, change the setting and reconnect.

  • New topics whizzing off to the left. This was another iOS13 weird one. iOS now attempts to move content out the way when the on-screen keyboard is presented. The result was that it shoved the active topic off to the left !!? Anyway - this is addressed in the latest update.

  • Keyboard shortcuts now displayed correctly (when you long press CMD button on an external keyboard.)

  • Crash for Chinese users. When using an external keyboard and editing a map in split screen (using Chinese) then it would crash regularly. I tracked this down to the small toolbar that sits above the keyboard which enables you to format text and move the cursor. The ‘fix’ is to disable the toolbar - which is now the default. If you are not Chinese or don’t use an external keyboard then you can re-enable it in the iThoughts System Settings (Keyboard Tools = ON.) I have since had this confirmed (by Apple) to be a bug in iOS - which has now been logged. I suspect they have a lot on their plate with other iOS13 issues - so I wouldn’t hold your breath…

Posted on October 8, 2019 .