Latest update now available

Pleased to announce that the latest update to iThoughts (on iOS, Mac and Windows) is now available for download.

There are 3 significant new features and a whole bunch of tweaks and bug fixes.

New Feature1 (Custom Link Color)

Ordinarily the link line color is the same as the topic color. Now you can configure a single link line color that will apply to all topics (in the Style settings.) See below for some examples:

New Feature2 (2 new layouts)

There are 2 new layouts based on the existing Horizontal layout scheme. Horizontal UP and Horizontal DOWN as can be seen in the following examples.

New Feature3 (Groups)

Groups have been a popular request over the years - and I’ve finally got round to implementing support. Previously you could use ‘boundaries’ to group together all the topics on a branch. Now you can group together any old topics - not only that but you can change the shape and color of the group. See below for some examples:

To group together topics, select them then click/tap on the boundary toolbar button. To change the group characteristics, right click or tap on the edge of the group. You can change the Z order so that the group appears above/below other groups and boundaries. See here for more info.


Some of the more interesting tweaks in this update.

  • New system style (called Monarch) - see the layout feature above for an example.

  • Click on the notes icon on the edge of a topic to open/close the notes window.

  • [iOS] The doodle view will remember your pen settings.

  • [iOS] Create a new doodle by long press on the canvas using an Apple Pencil.

  • Much improved CSV import/export

As always - any questions, suggestions of issues - just let me know.

Posted on June 2, 2019 .