Version 7 (for iOS13) is now out

I’m pleased to announce that iThoughts v7 (iOS) is now available for download from the AppStore.

Been working on this all summer - and the highlight features are:

  • Dark Mode Support

  • Multiple (iThoughts) Windows - side by side on iPadOS

  • Drag and drop FROM iThoughts

  • Full pages screenshots

  • Improved search (no longer indexes all maps if just searching current map.)

  • Transition to the (built in) iOS Document Picker

This version required iOS12 as a minimum (the earliest version that the built in iOS Document Picker became ‘reliable’)

Dark Mode

iOS 13 supports dark mode. iThoughts fully integrates with this - see below for an example.

Multiple Windows (with drag/drop)

See below for 2 maps side by side whilst dragging a branch from left to right.

Full page screenshot

When taking a screenshot you can now (in iOS13) select the Full Page option (centre of the toolbar.) This will generate a PDF of the entire map (not just what is visible on screen.) This means the resultant file can be printed/distributed/zoomed without any loss of clarity. You can even annotate the map using the built in tools.

Built in iOS Document Picker

iThoughts will now use the built in iOS document picker to manage map files (just like the iWork apps - and most other modern document based apps.)

There is an explanation of why this is a good thing here.

As always - any questions, suggestions or issues - just contact me direct.

NB: As of September 2019, iOS13.1 is still very new (and ‘allegedly’ still quite buggy.)

Posted on September 26, 2019 .