iThoughts (Windows) v5.9 released - with Outline view

I'm pleased to announce that iThoughts 5.9 for Windows is now available for download (Windows Store version will take a couple of days to go through their review process.)

The headline feature in this release is 'Outline View' - see below:

click to enlarge

You can open the outline viewer by clicking on the sidebar button (bottom right corner of the screen) or by using the CTRL+SHIFT+O keyboard shortcut.

There are also a bunch of other fixes in this release:

  • Navigation using the cursor keys sometimes skipped a topic
  • Issue with folding/unfolding topics and pasting
  • Copy/Paste text from MS Word (sometimes spaces would be 'lost')
  • Added hack option to disable HW acceleration - see here
  • Scrolling issue in search box

As always - any questions, suggestions or issues - just let me know.

Posted on June 8, 2018 .

Who turned the lights out?

Apple just announced the next version of macOS - called Mojave. One of the headline features of this release is something called 'dark mode'. iThoughts will support dark mode when Mojave is released (September'ish usually.) In the meantime, see below for a sneak peek.

click to enlarge

Not perfect yet - but I only got my copy of Mojave 2 hours ago!

Posted on June 6, 2018 .

iOS App 5.7 released

Just quick note to let you know that v5.7 of the iOS app is now live on the app store. This is a bug fix release - including the following:



  • Website export now includes attachments on folded branches
  • Intermap links better supported on Website export
  • Markdown TAB indent option now honoured
  • Delete map will now update the map list immediately
  • Arrow key navigation used to skip topics occasionally
  • Better support of Large Fonts (Accessibility)
  • Path to topic (in PDF export) now correct



  • Numbering included in Outline View
  • KB shortcut CMD+SHIFT+O to toggle outline view
Posted on May 26, 2018 .

Outline View on the Mac

Just released v5.9 of the Mac app. This adds support for an outline view of the map (down the left edge of the screen) - see below:

1 = Show/Hide the outline view (⌘+SHIFT+O)

2 = Expand/collapse the branch


Many keyboard shortcuts will also work:

  • 0-9 and . to show/hide sub branches
  • RETURN/TAB to create new topics
  • Arrow keys to navigate


Any questions, suggestions or issues just let me know and I'll do my best to help.

Posted on May 15, 2018 .

Notes and Outlines

Just released v5.6 of the iOS app. It is now possible to position the notes window down either side of the screen (in addition to having it placed under the toolbar.)

You can even have it change the position based on Landscape and Portrait orientation. This is administered in the System Settings - see below:

In addition to new notes position, this update supports a long requested feature - outline view. This will provide a more 'information dense' view of the map - as an indented list - see below:

You can expand/collapse branches by tapping on the disclosure button to the left of the text. You can even long press on these to reveal multiple levels of topic.

The outline view will always be positioned on the right or left of the screen - depending upon the setting in the System settings (and also where the notes view is positioned.)

Another option (in the System Settings) is whether to include any topic notes in the outline.

On small screens (eg iPhone or some iPad split views) the outline option will not be available in portrait view (no space!) To see it, you may have to switch into landscape.

As always - any questions, suggestions or issues - just let me know

Posted on April 18, 2018 .

v5.4 a shapely update

Just released v5.4 on all 3 platforms. The headline feature in this update is the addition of 6 more shapes - as below:

The shapes work best when used as floating topics interconnected using relationship link lines (configured for right angles) - as below:

Some tips:

  • CMD + double click (on Mac) will create a new related floating topic
  • CMD + ALT + Arrow (on Mac) will create a new related floating topic
  • Same on Windows on replace CMD with CTRL
  • On iOS press the SHIFT button and then double tap the canvas
  • See also the section on Relationships always, any questions, suggestions or issues just email me.

Posted on February 19, 2018 .

v5 Released

I'm pleased to announce that v5 of the iOS, Mac and Windows apps are now live (there wasn't a v3 and v4 of the Windows app - you didn't miss anything!)

The headline feature for this release is Encrypted, Password Protected maps. You can now assign a password to a map and the resultant ITMZ file will also be encrypted using AES-256

This means that you can email your ITMZ files and be sure that no one can read the contents without knowing the password. It also means that you can keep your most secret plans in systems like Dropbox without fear of prying eyes.

Encryption is available on all 3 platforms (Mac, iOS and Windows.)

You must remember your password. There is nothing I or anyone else can do to recover a map without knowing the password.

Please see here for more details.

As part of the work to support encryption, the whole (iThoughts) file system (on iOS) was updated. A by product of this is that it now works much better with the built in Files app.

As always, I also discovered and fixed a ton of bugs on all 3 platforms. Any questions, suggestions or issues just let me know.




Posted on December 28, 2017 .

iOS11, Drag/Drop and Siri

iThoughts for iOS11 is now live. The short video below gives a quick demo of the Siri integration, Drag/Drop and a new way of marking tasks as 'complete'.

There is also a feature called focus lock. Previously the 'Focus on Selected' feature would dim out all topics that weren't selected. With focus lock, you can now keep a bunch of topics 'in focus' regardless of which one is selected. To enable this, select the topics then enable 'Focus on Selected'. To have it work the old way, enable the feature with no topics selected.

There is a new button in the top corner. If you drag/drop a topic onto it then the topic will be marked as 100% complete - great for check lists.

Mindmeister (.mind) and SimpleMind (.smmx) mindmaps can now be imported.

The Doodle feature now supports a 'resize' option to resize selected parts of your doodle (see the +/- button in the toolbar.) Doodle also has better support for Apple Pencil. If it detects an Apple Pencil it will then ignore any attempts to draw with your finger. This removes any accidental drawing when your palm rests on the screen. It also means you can scroll using a single finger.

Finally - this update also works with the forthcoming iPhoneX - even allowing for its 'ears'.


As always, any questions, suggestions or issues just let me know

Posted on September 20, 2017 .