iThoughts for iOS(5.9), Mac (5.11) and Windows (5.11) now released

I’m pleased to announce that there is a new release of iThoughts on all three platforms (Mac, iOS and Windows.)

This version adds support for custom background canvases. Take a look here for more details and links to a good source of background canvas patterns.

The macOS update will also support the new Mojave Dark Mode (due to be released tomorrow - 24th Sept 18) - see below:

As always, any questions suggestions or issues just let me know.

Posted on September 23, 2018 .

Custom Canvas

A quick sneak peek at a new feature in the next update - custom background canvas!

You will be able to select an image file or color and use that as the background canvas to your maps. See below to see the feature in action.

Click to enlarge

Notice how you can add the images/colors to the built in canvas picker. The canvas is then stored as part of the style settings and so can be saved as a custom style. If you have iCloud then the custom canvases (and styles) will be synced between iOS and OSX devices.

NB: Images are assumed to be repeating patterns. This feature does not enable a photo or logo to be used as a canvas (unless you're happy with it to be 'repeating')

Posted on September 4, 2018 .

iThoughts (Windows) v5.9 released - with Outline view

I'm pleased to announce that iThoughts 5.9 for Windows is now available for download (Windows Store version will take a couple of days to go through their review process.)

The headline feature in this release is 'Outline View' - see below:

click to enlarge

You can open the outline viewer by clicking on the sidebar button (bottom right corner of the screen) or by using the CTRL+SHIFT+O keyboard shortcut.

There are also a bunch of other fixes in this release:

  • Navigation using the cursor keys sometimes skipped a topic
  • Issue with folding/unfolding topics and pasting
  • Copy/Paste text from MS Word (sometimes spaces would be 'lost')
  • Added hack option to disable HW acceleration - see here
  • Scrolling issue in search box

As always - any questions, suggestions or issues - just let me know.

Posted on June 8, 2018 .

Who turned the lights out?

Apple just announced the next version of macOS - called Mojave. One of the headline features of this release is something called 'dark mode'. iThoughts will support dark mode when Mojave is released (September'ish usually.) In the meantime, see below for a sneak peek.

click to enlarge

Not perfect yet - but I only got my copy of Mojave 2 hours ago!

Posted on June 6, 2018 .

iOS App 5.7 released

Just quick note to let you know that v5.7 of the iOS app is now live on the app store. This is a bug fix release - including the following:



  • Website export now includes attachments on folded branches
  • Intermap links better supported on Website export
  • Markdown TAB indent option now honoured
  • Delete map will now update the map list immediately
  • Arrow key navigation used to skip topics occasionally
  • Better support of Large Fonts (Accessibility)
  • Path to topic (in PDF export) now correct



  • Numbering included in Outline View
  • KB shortcut CMD+SHIFT+O to toggle outline view
Posted on May 26, 2018 .

Outline View on the Mac

Just released v5.9 of the Mac app. This adds support for an outline view of the map (down the left edge of the screen) - see below:

1 = Show/Hide the outline view (⌘+SHIFT+O)

2 = Expand/collapse the branch


Many keyboard shortcuts will also work:

  • 0-9 and . to show/hide sub branches
  • RETURN/TAB to create new topics
  • Arrow keys to navigate


Any questions, suggestions or issues just let me know and I'll do my best to help.

Posted on May 15, 2018 .