There are various discounts available:

  • If you already own the Windows or Mac version there is a 70% discount on the other (Windows or Mac) version.
  • If you already own the iOS version then there is a 20% discount (on Windows or Mac version.)
  • If you are 'in education' then there is a 50% discount (on Windows or Mac version.)
  • If you intend to purchase 2 or more licenses then there is a 30% bulk discount (on Windows or Mac version.)
  • If you work for a non-profit organisation then there is a 30% discount (on Windows or Mac version.)

If you fit any of the above, please email me (from within the app - see below) and I'll issue you with a discount coupon for use on the toketaWare store.


I will need some kind of proof:

  • If you have either the Mac or Windows version please use the 'Help > Contact Developer' menu and it will indicate to me proof of purchase.
  • If you have the iOS version, please use the 'Contact Developer' menu under the Gear toolbar button.
  • If you are in education, please provide some details (eg student number or email from .edu type address etc)
  • If you work for a non-profit then please send me an email from their address.


Other stuff:

  • Existing license owner discounts (70/20%) are only available to individuals (not organisations.)
  • Existing license owner discounts (70/20%) can only be used for single license purchases. You cannot purchase a single license at full price then get 70% discount on a second order of 100 licenses.
  • Volume discounts only apply to organisations purchasing multiple copies in one order. Multiple people from the same organisation each ordering individually are not considered volume.
  • Discounts are NOT cumulative (e.g. you can't apply an educational discount on top of a bulk discount etc.)
  • Discounts CAN be 'chained' (e.g. you could purchase the Mac version with a 50% educational discount then purchase the Windows version with a 70% discount because you already own the Mac version.)
  • Discounts only apply on the toketaWare store (not the Apple AppStore) This is a restriction imposed by Apple and the AppStore. For this reason, the iOS app cannot be discounted.