NB: There is a new (additional) way to attach documents by embedding them into the topic notes - see here


It is possible to attach documents (Word, PDF, Excel etc.) to topics - and then view, email and print them all from within iThoughts. The process is not as 'simple' as it might be - but then it's never simple dealing with documents on iPads :-(

The process is as follows:

  • Get the document into Dropbox (via your PC or Mac)
  • Using the Dropbox app on your iPad, send the document over into iThoughts.
  • In iThoughts, paste the document into a topic.

This will embed a COPY of the document in iThoughts. You cannot edit it - and if the original document is modified, those changes will not be applied to the copy in iThoughts - so it's really for read only documents.


...and the process in pictures:

Get the document into Dropbox.

Send the document from the Dropbox app to iThoughts


The document will be placed on the clipboard and can be pasted into a topic


The document can then be viewed by 'long pressing' on the topic