To print from iThoughts (using AirPrint) tap on the 'Share' toolbar button in the centre of the toolbar and choose 'Print'

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You will be prompted to configure how the printout should generated. The following settings can be administered:

  • Watermark. This is text that will be placed in the bottom right corner of the map image. You might use this for a copyright notice. You can include 'variables' in the text - for example "$name - $modified © ACME":
    • $name (name of the map)
    • $path (path of the map)
    • $modified (date/time of the most recently modified topic in the map.)
  • Map Scale. This is how much to scale the map (up or down.) Setting it to 'Single Page' will scale it so that the whole map fits on a single page.
  • Map Page Size. This is the page/paper size (e.g. Letter, A4 etc) that the map will be printed to. Depending upon the scale setting above, the map may be broken up into multiple pages which when printed out can be assembled together into a single map (sticky tape not included :-)
  • Notes Appendix. If set then topic notes and links will be included in appendix pages after the map.
  • Notes Page Size. This is the page size to print the notes to. This can be different to the map page size - thus enabling the map to be printed on A2 and the notes on A4 (for example.)


Once the print settings have been set, the pages to be printed are presented in a kind of 'Print Preview'. To actually print, tap on the 'Share' button in the top right corner and choose 'Print'.

In the example below I've chosen A4 page size and a scale of 200% in order to force the map to be larger than a single page. You can see the map has been broken up into 9 pages (3 x 3)

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NB: Printing involves generating a PDF of the map and notes - so the option to email the 'Print Preview' is also presented. This is a good way to quickly email a PDF of the map.