When an app is purchased from the AppStore (iOS or OS X) it gets a 'receipt' embedded within it. This is how Apple tries to combat piracy.

I've recently implemented a check to verify that the receipt is valid (i.e exists and has not been tampered with.) This is quite a complex undertaking so I am now testing that it all works as it should - and doesn't falsely assume the app is pirated!

Please could you help me test the code by running a 'receipt check' and letting me know the results (good or bad.)

NB: This will not affect the operation of the app - it is purely to test my receipt checking code!

iOS Receipt Check

  • Tap 'System Settings' (within the app)
  • Tap on 'Validate Receipt' - as below:


At this point one of two things will happen:

  • You may get a 'Validation Success' message. In which case please can you tap on the Report button and send me an email confirming success.
  • You may be prompted to enter your AppStore account details. The system will then attempt to retrieve the the receipt from the AppStore. It will then either report success or fail. As above, please can you tap on the Report button and let me know either way.