iThoughts can import/export many of the most popular desktop mind map app formats - as follows:

Import AND export:

  • Freemind (.mm 0.9 and later)
  • Freeplane (.mm)
  • Mindmanager (.mmap v6 and later)
  • ConceptDraw (.cdmz)
  • Mindview (.mvd and .mvdx)
  • Novamind v5 (.nm5)
  • XMind (.xmind)
  • iMindmap v5+ (.imx)

Import only:

  • MyThoughts (.mytx)
  • Mindnode (.mindnode)
  • Mindmapper (.twdx)
  • Scapple (.scap)
  • CMAP (.cxl)


In addition to the above iThoughts can also import AND export OPML which is a relatively standard format for documenting hierarchical data (although it doesn't support positioning, colours, shapes etc.)



When iThoughts imports a 3rd party format it converts it into the ITMZ format (native to iThoughts.) This conversion process is 'lossy'. If an attribute or setting is not recognised by iThoughts then it is simply ignored. If an attribute is unsupported by iThoughts then it may be 'interpreted'. A good example of this is when dealing with colours. Most desktop apps have a different colour attribute for line, fill and text. iThoughts doesn't distinguish between line and fill colour, so when importing it picks one and discards the other.

This can be an issue when re-exporting as the unrecognised/unsupported attributes really are discarded at import time and will therefore not be present in the subsequent export.

Generally speaking, however, the 'important' information within the map is maintained between import/export (text, notes, layout, links etc.) It is usually the more 'aesthetic' attributes that are an issue (text styling etc.)

One important exception to this is multi page/sheet mind maps (e.g. XMind and Novamind) iThoughts will only import the FIRST page/sheet. Subsequent pages are DISCARDED. Multi page mind maps should not be used with iThoughts.


If you would like to see how your maps will look after being pushed through an iThoughts import/export then drop me a line and I will test it here for you.