Documents (PDFs, Word Documents, Spreadsheets etc.) can be attached onto iThoughts topics and notes. That is a COPY of the document is embedded within the map ITMZ file itself.

There are 2 places a document can be attached:

  • ONTO a topic (one per topic)
  • INTO a topic note (any number per note!)

The following image shows the 2 ways documents can be embedded (in this case into the macOS app - but the same applies to Windows and iOS)

To embed a document on macOS and Windows, drag/drop it from Finder/Explorer onto the map - whilst holding down the OPTION/ALT key.

Embedded documents are copies and should be considered read-only.

On iOS, the process is slightly more involved (isn't it always!) First you need to get the document onto your device. Best way to do this is to use the Dropbox or iCloud Drive app. Once in one of those apps, you can use the Share option and Copy To iThoughts. The document will be handed to iThoughts which will then tell you the document is 'on the clipboard'. You can then go and Paste the document into whichever topic or topic note you wish.

NB: Another way is to email the document to yourself then tap on the attachment in the Mail app.


To view the document:

  • For notes attachments, click or tap on the link in the topic note.
  • For topic attachments
    • On macOS/Windows right click on the topic attachment or select the topic and hit SPACE.
    • On iOS, long press on the topic with the attachment.