[This is LEGACY information]

You can add a 'bookmarklet' to Safari on iPad that will send a link to the current page over into iThoughts. Once in iThoughts you can then paste it into a map.

NB: Ideally this would be achieved using one of the new iOS8 extension thingies - however, they do not allow you to launch another app - which is what you need to do it you are to paste the link into a specific place.


The following screenshots demonstrate how you can send a link to the current page (Google) over into iThoughts.

How to configure the bookmarklet?

It's a bit of a fiddle - but you only need to do it once:

  • Browse to this page in Safari on your iPad/iPhone

  • Create a bookmark to this page and name it 'to iThoughts'.

  • Edit the bookmark and change the address from www.toketaware.com to the following (TIP: copy/paste the following rather than attempt to type it in)


You can also configure it to automatically paste the link into a predefined map, under a predefined topic as follows:




NB: In the above example, you will need to ensure that the map '/mylinks' already exists and has a topic somewhere in it called 'inbox' (which is where the link will be placed)