[This is LEGACY information]

Browser transfer enables you to transfer maps between iPad and desktop using a web browser (over WiFi)

By default the option is disabled in iThoughts. It can be enabled in the 'System Settings' area as below.

Once enabled, there will be an 'Browser Transfer' option appear in the share menu. 

Choosing the 'Browser Transfer' menu option will launch an internal 'web server'. To connect to the web server, enter the address indicated into your desktop browsers address bar (remember the five fours after the colon.)

The browser will then connect to the web server (in iThoughts) and display a screen similar to below - listing all your maps and folders, with links to download the maps in the various formats.

Notice the address in #1 below.

To download a map (from iThoughts) click on one of the 'download' buttons (#4 in the image above.)

To upload a map (to iThoughts) 

  1. Choose the file to upload (#2 above)

  2. Choose the folder to upload the file into (#3 above)

Assuming the file format can be imported into iThoughts then a new map will be created with the contents of the uploaded file.