Calendar/Reminder Integration


iThoughts (iOS and Mac only) can export topics as Reminders or Calendar entries.

These can be sent directly into the Calendar or Reminder apps - or they can be emailed as ICS attachments which can then be imported into other systems (such as MS Outlook.)

The 'events' (as they're known) are NOT synchronised - they are 'one time' exports. The idea is that a plan is formulated within iThoughts and then the topics representing tasks and events can be sent over into the calendaring system for onward processing.


To export the selected topics, see below:

  • OS X: Right click on the selected topics and choose the Calendar option.
  • iOS: Tap on the selected topics and choose Share->Calendar from the toolbar (or Calendar from the popup context menu)

There are also keyboard shortcuts to export the events straight into the calendar or reminder system as follows:

  • CMD+SHIFT+R to create a Reminder.
  • CMD+CTRL+R to create a Calendar entry.

NB: This also works on iOS with a bluetooth keyboard. The events will be placed into whatever is configured as the default calendar/reminder store.


Some caveats:

  • On OSX, re-exporting an event will result in the event being UPDATED in the calendar/reminder system :-) On iOS a NEW event will be created :-(
  • You can tap on an ICS attachment in the iOS Mail app to import the event (but this only works for calendar events - not Reminder events)
  • Reminder export doesn't work on Mountain Lion.