Doodle is a simple finger drawing tool within iThoughts. It is 'vector based' which means each line can be manipulated individually and continuously. Doodles can be attached to topics and exported as PDF, SVG or PNG files.

Use your finger to draw lines (known as 'strokes'.) To move the canvas itself you must drag it with 2 fingers. This differs from the rest of the app, where a single finger is used to drag the canvas. If you accidentally draw a line when intending to drag the canvas (as I STILL do) then you can hit UNDO to remove it.

The numbers in the image above are described as follows:

  1. Press and hold SHIFT whilst tapping on strokes to select/deselect multiple stokes. SHIFT then drag the canvas will create a 'selection rectangle' to help select multiple strokes more quickly. SHIFT then drag an already selected stroke(s) will duplicate the stoke(s) 
  2. Set the stoke thickness. If a stroke is selected then it will apply to that stroke. If no stroke is selected it will become the default for any new strokes.
  3. Set the stroke to be 'dashed'
  4. Set the stroke color
  5. Increase or decrease the size of the selected strokes
  6. Undo/Redo
  7. Share the selected strokes or whole doodle (typically in an email attachment.)
  8. Apple pencil option. If enabled then you can only draw using the Apple pencil. A single finger drag will move the canvas. This option is enabled automatically if an Apple pencil is used.
  9. Tap on a 'stroke' to select it. When selected it will have a blue 'glow' around it. Once selected, any changes to thickness, dashed'ness, color or size will apply to the selected stroke(s.) Tap on a selected stroke to see Cut, Copy, Paste type options (including options to 'Send to Back') Drag a selected stroke to move it. Hold down the shift button whilst dragging to duplicate.
  10. The trash. Drag/drop a stroke onto here to delete it. Tapping it will delete the selected strokes.


There is no 'eraser' type feature - you can only delete whole strokes by selecting them then tapping on the trash bin icon in the lower corner (or dragging/dropping the stroke onto the bin.)