Encrypted Maps (ITMZ files)



You can encrypt your iThoughts mindmaps for privacy and security. ITMZ files are encrypted using AES-256

An encrypted map needs a password to unlock it (and read it.) Without that password, the map cannot be read. There is no backdoor - so if you lose the password, you lose access to the contents of the file.

Encrypted maps can be safely/securely stored on external drives, thumb drives, Dropbox, iCloud, GDrive and any other place where a snooper might have access. They can be safely/securely uploaded, downloaded and emailed etc.

Ironically, the place where things are not so secure is actually on your device (iPhone, iPad, laptop.) The ITMZ file itself is secure - but once you open it using the password then it becomes vulnerable.

  • A person can look over your shoulder.
  • Software can be installed that captures the screen (enabling someone to remotely look over your shoulder.)
  • Software can be installed that logs your key presses (to capture the password and open the ITMZ)
  • etc. etc.

So whilst the ITMZ files themselves are secure - you must also ensure your device has not been compromised.



  • On iOS, open the map then choose the Password option from the menu under the Gear toolbar button.
  • On macOS, open the map then choose the File -> Set Password menu option.
  • On Windows, open the map then choose the File -> Password menu option.


Key points:

  • ITMZ files are encrypted using AES-256 - if you forget the password, there is nothing that can be done to recover your map.
  • Your maps (encrypted ITMZ files) are secure whilst in transit to/from and stored within the cloud.
  • Your maps are NOT secure from malicious software installed on your device. There are many ways that malicious software can snoop on other application data/files. 
  • Do NOT kill the app, this can leave temporary (unencrypted) files kicking around. Best to close the map/app cleanly.
  • Encryption can be removed from ITMZ files (so long as you know the password)