Hook your iPad (or iPhone!) up to an external display and present your ideas using iThoughts.

iThoughts can connect to an external display/projector using either VGA port, HDMI port or via AirPlay (to Apple TV) - all you need is the right cable.


There are 2 possible 'modes' when driving an external display:

  • Mirror (where the external display will mirror the iPad screen)
  • AppDriven (where the app controls what is displayed.)


The advantage with AppDriven is that iThoughts can restrict what is presented externally (e.g. it can hide the toolbar and menus etc.) It can also make better use of the extra screen space offered by most external displays.

When you first connect you will be asked which mode to use. Choosing a specific resolution will enable AppDriven mode.

Once connected (AppDriven) the the external display will show the mind map but none of the other 'screen chrome'. The current selection is identified by a red underline. Notice also how the expand/collapse buttons are omitted from the external display. Zooming and panning will be reflected on the external display in realtime. Edits, moves and deletes will be displayed externally when they've been completed.

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Popping up a text message

There is a 'Display' button adjacent to the - ^ + buttons at the bottom of the notes window. When this is tapped the contents of the notes window are displayed on the external monitor. If the notes contains some text that is enclosed by <<  >> then only that text is displayed. This enables you to have 'presenter notes' and 'display notes' in the same notes window. The presented notes will remain on screen until either the notes window is closed or the 'Display' button is tapped again.

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Focus on selected

The 'Focus on Selected' option will also work on the external display. Unselected topics will be dimmed out.

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Arrow Keys

There is an option called 'Show Arrow Keys' in the menu under the gear toolbar button. This will show a feint set of arrow keys on screen. The arrow keys will behave just like arrow keys on the keyboard and move the selection around the screen. This can make presenting easier. The centre button will expand/collapse a branch or show an attachment (if long pressed.) A 2 finger tap on the canvas will also show/hide the arrow keys.


NB: Connecting via Apple TV

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the control panel. In there, tap on 'Apple TV' and set 'Mirror' to ON. The usual mode picker will then be presented by iThoughts - where Mirror or AppDriven mode can be selected.