Filtering enables you to focus in on topics meeting a certain criteria. It works by 'dimming' those topics that do not match the filter criteria. It differs from Searching in that hidden topics matching the filter criteria are not automatically revealed.

There are 2 types of filtering supported:

  • Quick Filter (where topic text is matched)
  • Rules Filter (where complex rules define the filter)

Only the Mac version currently supports Rules Filtering.


Quick Filter

The following demonstrates how to enter a text phrase ('super') and how that then matches on a single topic ('supercalifragilisticexpialidocious') and dims all other unmatched topics.

The filter will stay applied so long as there is text in the Quick Filter box. 

NB: On iOS, the filled in Filter toolbar button indicates that a filter is applied. To clear it, either delete the text or long press on the toolbar button.

TIP: Emoji are treated just like text. They make great 'tags' that can then be used in Filters.


Rules Filter

Rules filtering is currently only available on the Mac version. That said, if you have iCloud enabled, any rules created on the Mac will be synced to your iOS devices. You can then select those filters on iOS (you just can't modify them.)


The following screenshot shows a new Filter Rule that matches on topics with a priority of 2 AND a smily icon. It has also been given a name 'Happy P2 Topics' enabling me to select it from the Filter menu.

Filter rules miscellany:

  • Rules can either be Match ANY or Match ALL (this is effectively OR/AND logic.)
  • Rules can be given a name and thus 'saved' (to be synced to other devices and added to the filter menu.)
  • Rules can be used to Show OR Hide matching topics (so in the above example, you could hide all 'Happy P2 Topics')
  • Rules can show/hide matching topics only or the entire branch (all descendants of a matching topic.)