Flash Cards

Flash Cards are a great way to learn. The idea is that you write a question on one side of a card and the answer on the other side. You then work your way through the 'deck' trying to answer the questions and flipping the card over to verify the answer. There are numerous apps and web services that enable you to do this 'digitally' (e.g. quizlet.com or cram.com)

iThoughts can export a mind map in a format which can be imported into various Flashcard apps. This means you can collate your information in a mind map then kick it out into a flashcard app to learn it.


The process:

  • On the Mac/Windows, right click on a branch then choose Copy As -> Flash Cards
  • On iOS, choose Share -> Flash Cards
  • The mind map data will be placed on the clipboard in Flashcard import format (Question <TAB> Answer <SEMICOLON>)





Open the appropriate Flash Card web service and choose Import then paste the clipboard. The import options should be:

  • Question/Answer delimiter is TAB
  • Card delimiter is SEMICOLON

Quizlet.com import

Cram.com import


The following short video demonstrates how a map can be imported into quizlet.com (on iOS)