iTunes document sharing is a way to transfer files between desktop and iPad app. It requires the iPad to be physically connected to a computer running iTunes.

By default the option is disabled in iThoughts. It can be enabled in the 'System Settings' area as below.

Once enabled, there will be an 'iTunes Transfer' option appear in the share menu. Use this menu to send a map (in any of the supported formats) to a special 'shared folder' on your iPad which can be accessed by iTunes on your desktop.

Once you've sent the map to the 'shared folder', you can plug your iPad into your desktop and run up iTunes (Windows or Mac.) Once in iTunes you need to:

  1. Select your device
  2. Select 'Apps' from the top menu
  3. Select 'iThoughts' from the list of Apps

You will then see various folders ('archives', 'maps', 'Outbox' and sometimes 'Inbox'.) The exported map will be in the Outbox folder. You can drag this you your desktop and look inside for the files.

To transfer files the other way (from desktop to iPad) you can simply drag/drop the file from Explorer/Finder into the 'iThoughts Documents' window (#4 in the above.) Next time you run iThoughts, it will see the file and automatically import it.


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