Marked2app is a previewer for Markdown files. iThoughts can generate a Markdown previews. Put the two together and you get a live outline preview as you build your map.


As can be seen in the video above, the process is as follows:

  • Open a map (ITMZ file) in iThoughts
  • One the same map (ITMZ file) in Marked2
  • Each time the map is saved (in iThoughts) the preview in Marked2 will be updated.

Marked2 can then do all sorts of clever things with the Markdown - see

NB: Markdown preview in iThoughts needs to be specifically enabled in the Preferences.



Rob Trew (the AppleScript god that he is) has created a script that will take the currently open iThoughtsX map and launch Marked2 with that same map - then place the two windows side by side - see