iThoughts can be configured to ‘auto number’ your topics - for example:

The style of numbering is highly customisable and defined using a simple ‘syntax’. In the example above, the format (set on the root topic) is 0:^nn^.nn^…^

The definition of this syntax is as follows (optional bits are enclosed with [ ]):


  • 0: = the numbering should start on the current topic - otherwise numbering starts on the immediate children.

  • prefix = text that appears at the start of every number (usually a bracket)

  • ^ = separator between levels

  • xx = number format for a level - as follows:

    • nn = number

    • aa = lowercase letter (a, b, c …)

    • AA = uppercase letter (A, B, C …)

    • ii = lowercase roman numeral (i, ii, iii, iv …)

    • II - uppercase roman numeral (I, II, III, IV …)

  • … = the last number should be repeated for all subsequent levels

  • suffix = text that appears at the end of every number (usually a bracket - but could be a colon, a space or even \n for a carriage return)

In addition:

  • Each xx entry can have text either side of it to create separators.

  • When two ^ are present it will result in the parent number being omitted from the children (effectively restarting the numbering.)

Some examples, to demonstrate what’s possible (format in red):