Selecting Topics


There are a number of ways to select multiple topics. The first is to use the SHIFT button in the top left corner of the screen. The SHIFT button acts a little like a combination of the SHIFT, ALT and CMD keys on a Mac keyboard.

If you press and hold SHIFT whilst dragging your finger over the canvas, it will create a 'selection rectangle' as can be seen below.

To select (or deselect) individual topics, press the SHIFT button whilst tapping on the topic as below:

Once multiple topics are selected, you can then apply attributes to those topics (such as colour, shape etc.) You can also drag them and re-home them under another topic. If you press and hold the SHIFT button whilst dragging the topics it will duplicate them - as can be seen in the following 2 screenshots.

Whilst SHIFT is good for fine grained control of the selection, a faster way is often to simply tap the topic then choose 'Select' from the popup menu.

The Select option will then present up to 4 more options:

  • Children
  • Siblings
  • Cousins
  • All

The Cousins option will select all topics at the same level (on all branches) as the topic tapped.

NB: If you are using an external keyboard then you can also use the arrow keys and shift key on the keyboard to select adjacent topics.

NB2: For users of the original app, this multi select approach replaces the previous 'Apply to Children/Siblings' buttons.

NB3: For those of a left handed disposition, you can switch sides for the SHIFT button in the System Settings.