You can predefine how a topic's children are ordered on screen - using 'Sort Rules'. For example, you may wish to ensure that high priority topics appear at the top of a list of sub topics. You may also want all those topics with the same priority to then be ordered by due date. All this is possible using Sort Rules. See below for an example:

In the above, we can see:

  • Both Priority and Due Date are sorted in the 'ascending order' (as indicated by the 123.)
  • Sorting as been 'applied to the branch' - which means that all sub levels of topic are sorted the same way. If this option was not ticked then only the immediate children would be sorted.


On iOS, the same configuration looks as follows:


More details:

  • There are 2 buttons (Apply and Set.) 
    • Apply will re-order the topics once.
    • Set will remember the sort rules and continuously keep those topics ordered. In this case a change in Priority would result in the topics being reordered automatically. 
  • A maximum of 5 sort criteria can be configured for a given topic.
  • Different Sort Rules can be applied to different topics at different levels - enabling you to 'override' the ordering applied to a parent topic.
  • There is also an option (not shown) to sort the topics randomly (great for revision!)
  • Sorting only works on 'auto aligned' topics.