integration no longer works (files appear to upload - but they don't appear on

There has been a bug in the (original) iThoughts integration for a number of years now. Until recently Box would ignore this and happily let me upload files without issue. Recently, however, they've started rejecting my upload attempts. The bug is easy to fix (one line of code) but I'm unable to push this up onto the AppStore since Apple will no longer accept app updates unless they're specifically optimised for iOS7 (which the original apps are not.)

The workaround for this is to use WebDAV to sync with rather than the 'native' account type. This means that you'll need to disable sync on the original cloud folder and then create a new cloud folder that uses WebDAV and a server URL of (see also


To disable sync on the original Box cloud folder, tap on the cloud icon next to the cloud folder name then select 'Stop Syncing':

Once the original cloud folder is disabled, create a new one - but this time using WebDAV as the account type.

You should then end up with 2 folders - the original (no longer syncing) and the new one which uses WebDAV to interface with Box. Once you are happy with the new setup you can safely delete the original cloud folder.