iThoughts for Windows Installation/Licensing


iThoughts uses Microsoft MSI technology to install the app. You can download the MSI file from here (then choose to run it.)

Some corporate environments (and over zealous anti-virus tools) don't like MSI files. Not sure why since they are the (Microsoft) recommended way to install software and the iThoughts MSI file is digitally signed! Anyhow, if your system is not happy then you can try downloading the actual executable files and manually place them in a folder on your system. You can download a ZIP file with just the app files from here.


Digital Signatures

When you run the MSI installer (or the actual iThoughts.exe) then Windows UAC (User Access Control) may popup an alert similar to the following.

This is all ok. The key thing here is that the dialog is blue and it mentions a Verified publisher being toketaWare ltd. If it's not blue or doesn't mention toketaWare ltd as the verified publisher then don't let it run. This all relies on me having 'watermarked' the files using my personal 'certificate' and it proves that the files have not been tampered with since I uploaded them. 



Uninstall in the usual way - by right clicking on the app icon and choosing Uninstall from the menu.



The app will 'call home' once per day looking for updates to the app. If it finds one then it will pop up a browser with the details and a download link. You can also choose to manually check for updates from the Settings dialog under the Help menu.)



When you first install the software it is in 'trial mode'. This means it will stop working fully after a period of 14 days. To unlock it, you will need to purchase a license. This will email you a license name (email address) and code which will unlock the trial version.