You can 'filter' your maps - showing or hiding (dimming) topics or branches that match a particular set of criteria. In the following example, the map is filtered to show only those topics that contain the text 'super'.

Sometimes you may want to highlight (or hide) topics based on more complex criteria than simple text matching. Fortunately, iThoughts has an advanced, rules-based, filtering engine built right in. The following demonstrates how you can use one of the built in filters to highlight only those topics that have a due date sometime in the next week. 

In the above, you can see that you can show (or hide) a topic (or branch) that matches one of the 'named rules'. This means, for example, that instead of highlighting the topics due this week, you could have hidden them instead.

The system comes with a number of 'preconfigured rules' to demonstrate what's possible. You can also build your own rules as can be seen in the following:

In the above:

  1. Tells the system whether the topic must match ALL or ANY of the criteria.
  2. The 'criteria' for a match (numbers, strings, dates or icons)
  3. The name of the rule (as it will appear in the Filter menu)
  4. More options
  • Test (apply the rule to the current map - to see if it matches as you'd expect)
  • Share (email the rule as an attachment - so others can import it)
  • Delete
  • Help


Please see here for more in depth help with rules.